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Passage to Sunrise:
A fight to the finish against chaos. 
Your most powerful weapon is rediscovering beauty and truth.
And those two are found in the desert.


 Let us orient ourselves toward a winning strategy to see political chaos overcome.

“That this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address.

Causes of Chaos

The great error of our modern civilization based on technology is to overly value change, and progress. Accordingly, many expect progress by itself  to bring solutions to our essential problems. In this faulty idealism  nothing permanent could have value, only novelty matters. Hence people believe that as technology improves, progress is made and older values have to be abandoned. There is even confusion between technical progress and intelligence. Consequently modern man thinks his intelligence is superior to people who inhabited the earth centuries ago. It is easy to disprove this fallacy.

The ingenuity of an Eratosthenes, who two centuries BC measured the radius of the earth in Egypt, is not any less than that of the scientists that invented GPS. And technology is not born full grown either. It is flawed when first used. As an example, Logarithmic Tables, two centuries ago gave seven digits accuracy to calculate orbits of comets. When first introduced, computers barely gave four digits accuracy and it was only by introducing “double precision” that the early IBM computers could rival the slow and difficult to use but more accurate logarithmic tables.


Education today is synonymous with technology. It should have as goal to teach how to think right, and teach how to distinguish truth from utopia. But despite great expenses in technology, there is more inability today to use logic in day-to-day applications. The abandonment of history and arts in favor of flawed interpretations of technology produces citizens that easily fall prey to propaganda, making it hard to see political chaos overcome.


If  technology produces truth, and logic and reason play no role, one can forgo convincing political opponents in a civilized manner. Therefore any method to discredit the other party is acceptable. The result is that cities do not exist for the citizens but are considered to be places with large numbers of voting machines to be exploited in order to win elections. The gap between citizens and elite groups grows wider.

Common Sense

Common sense appears to be not so common anymore.  

The reality of nature, or tradition, or history do not seem to influence it. 

Today, common sense draws its foundation from polls of sectors of the population. 

Winning strategy 

 Winning strategies help the military win wars. 

They are used to work out protocols for medical care. 

They can influence people to to overcome political chaos. 

Our novels and blogs illustrate these strategies.

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