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 Novels can be:
Gateways to escape reality, or
Auspicious guideposts to happiness.

Geese, Birds, and Auspicious Novels
Ancient Rome was surrounded by enemies one night, and they started to scale the city walls silently. Guard dogs slept. But the geese in the Temple of Juno honked loudly, woke up the defenders, and saved Rome. From that day, Romans practiced the art of watching birds to tell the outcome of events.

Today, we are surrounded by chaotic events, and are unable to interpret their contents to prevent chaos from overtaking us. Find out how to overcome chaos. Download the free newsletter above.

Passage to Sunrise:

Marked for elimination by a ruthless corporation with ties to the government, Charles, former CIA sharpshooter, teams up with Maye, a beautiful Navajo artist, and her boyfriend, Rodrigo. To survive they enter the desert to learn how to trust the mysterious guidance that helps them pass from fearful darkness to the first glimmer of sunrise. Buy here

Auspicious Novels

 Dangerous events described in novels can be seen as auspicious warnings to avoid disaster if we know how to interpret their meaning.

Signs of the Time

Chaos reigns in our time. We can overcome it by building an ordered, harmonious world: 

a Cosmos 

Make it happen by joining a conversation with people opposed to chaos.  

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