Pinifolius Press

Pinifolius Press is  dedicated to fighting the penetration of chaos into society, family, and Christian civilization by spreading news about truth, beauty and goodness using novels, blogs, and newsletters.

Our name comes from an evergreen drought resistant penstemon with numerous small flowers. When spread over a large area, they form a magnificent flowerbed that is hard to ignore. We hope that our press has similar qualities.

Chaos can be overcome with the spread of Cosmos, meaning Order and Harmony. Order comes from non-revolutionary, organic growth. Harmony is using the wisdom of the past to transform the present into a better future.

Interested in joining the fight? Click “Download Sample Chapter” button and fill out the form. You will receive a sample of the novel Passage to Sunrise. If you would like to receive blogs as a newsletter sent to your mailbox, go to Contact and leave a message, or go to Facebook link above and fill in the email request on left side Welcome!
Pinifolius Press was founded by Bruno Jambor in 2016.

Bruno Jambor country-hopped from Hungary to France to Algeria, landing at the University of Illinois where he earned a PhD in astronomy. He spent his career in the Aerospace Industry sending other people safely into space. 

In his action-filled novels, the desert and night sky stimulate his heroes to overcome chaos and find freedom and truth. 

Action-filled events are auspicious warnings to turn the characters toward beauty, truth, and goodness.

Novels with auspicious events

Novels are powerful catalysts to produce good or bad results. In novels, what happens in our daily life is highlighted and transformed into a thrilling plot to reveal the auspicious events that influence our decisions. Our novels describe auspicious events to combat chaos. They point out how we can overcome chaos by making the right choices in our life.
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