“This man masquerading as a monk is a dangerous CIA sharp shooter serving an organization led by a former member of SEAL Special Forces. They want to resurrect the ancient faith that shaped Western civilization. Brother Augustine, AKA Charles DeVibo, must be stopped.” Marked for elimination by a ruthless corporation with ties to the government that knows about all his moves, Charles teams up with Maye, a beautiful Navajo artist, and her boyfriend, Rodrigo. To survive, they enter the desert to learn how to trust the mysterious guidance that helps them pass from fearful darkness to the first glimmer of sunrise.

Praise for Passage to Sunrise:

“A suspenseful tale brimming with intriguing concepts.”Kirkus Reviews

“This deeply philosophical thriller features a fascinating hero: a former geologist and CIA operative turned monk named Charles DeVibo. The writing is sharp, focused, and replete with moving symbolism and imagery. In many sequences, the author’s narrative works on a deeper level. The story especially shines in several well-developed characters, including DeVibo.”BlueInk Review

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Review by Southwestern American Literature:

“A multifaceted story drawing together the natural beauty of the Southwest, the friendship of men whose ‘day jobs’ have differed enough to add a piquancy to their friendship, and a vigorous tale of derring-do. The characters, their emotions, behavior and the intermittent sequences with the past are deftly woven together. Those attracted to any of the themes, and not least Kino's vicarious presence, are in for an enjoyable read.”

Wildfire in the Desert is published by Penmore Press.

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